About The Giving Bureau

‘To whom much is given, much is required’

The Giving Bureau seeks to bring hope and enablement, in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible, to those who are often forgotten.

Our mission is to bring an awareness of the needy to those with a desire and the ability to help.

Our primary commitment is to the people of Thailand although our vision is for a global information portal that gives a voice to Good Causes and worthy Charities throughout the developing world.

We hope that our site encourages you to give but please don’t send us your money. If you do feel moved to help one of our featured Good Causes or Charities, please send your gift directly to them.

The Giving Bureau supports Good Causes and Charities based only on need, regardless of the political, ethnic and religious backgrounds of those being helped.

Good Causes are featured on The Giving Bureau website entirely free of charge.

In the interests of independence and fairness, The Giving Bureau neither seeks nor accepts representation in any of our featured Good Causes or Charities.

In the interests of  transparency and propriety, The Giving Bureau does not accept donations on behalf of Good Causes or Charities.

The Giving Bureau is supported entirely by our Sponsors and we neither solicit nor accept  support from any other sources.

As with any charitable giving, if you are considering making a gift  to one of our featured Good Causes or Charities, we would always encourage you to do your own research first.

Where possible, you might also consider visiting their operational centres, so that you can see their work first hand.

‘Who saves one life, saves the world entire’

Please let us know about other Good Causes by emailing us: